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How to Get Free ES File Explorer PRO APK | MOD APK & Install It 2021

APK of ES File Explorer Pro

The APK version of ES File Manager Pro is a modified version of the original ES File Explorer Pro APK. Third-party developers developed this application. All of those capabilities have been made accessible for free in this app.

This software allows you to recover deleted files. This program also has a variety of other functions, such as compressing files and analyzing data.

As a result of this, all DO Global applications have been pulled from the Google Play store, according to Buzzfeed News. This app was available on Google Play before April 2019, but it has withdrawn from the App Store.

Guys, in June 2020, the Indian government will prohibit 59 Chinese applications. In India, the ES File Explorer was likewise denied.

What is ES File Explorer, and how does it work?

DO Global has created an app called ES File Explorer Pro. The initial version of this app was released in 2016. This software had a lot of downloads at the time.

As a result, ES File Explorer APK has become a well-known file management application. You will have a better experience with this app if you use it as a file manager on your phone.


To put it another way, this ES File Explorer Pro APK is a file management software that allows you to manage the files saved on the storage of your smartphone using the capabilities of this ES File Explorer PRO.

If your phone’s storage is complete, you may use this ES File Explorer APK to remove all of your phone’s unneeded files. This page contains further information about the ES File Explorer Pro APK.

ES File Explorer MOD APK has the following features:

  1. Recycle Bin in File Explorer
  2. To clear the files and to examine the files Manager of Downloads
  3. Sending and receiving files
  4. to make the file smaller
  5. To reveal files that have been concealed
  6. To uncompressed the compressed file
  7. To read or modify an HTML file
  8. There are no advertisements.

Limitless features

In comparison to a standard app, this one has a lot of premium features. You will be able to customize a file to your liking. These are all of the functions of this software, although it has a lot more. We’ve just included the most popular features in this article. After utilizing the program, you will learn more about its features.

How to Get ES File Explorer MOD APK & Install It

It is effortless to download and install this software on an Android phone. Follow the instructions outlined below, and ES File Explorer Pro APK will be installed on your phone in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: To begin, go to your phone’s settings and allow unknown sources. Then, on the following page, click the download option that we have given.

Step 2: You will be taken to the download page after clicking that button. There will be a direct download link there; click on it. Your downloading will begin once you click.

Your APK will be on your phone in a few minutes, depending on your internet speed. It’s a tiny file, so it shouldn’t take long to download.

Step 3: Once it has finished downloading, navigate to the file manager, locate the APK file, and then touch it. It will prompt you to install it, and you should do so.


How did you find our article about ES File Explorer Pro APK? I hoped you liked this article and got the ES File Manager MOD APK.  If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section, and we will answer them.

Get Free ES File Explorer Pro APK 2021

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